TestDaF Examination : Test auf Deutsch als Fremdsprache

A mandatory Examination for aspiring students, who are willing to study at Universities in German-speaking countries, mainly in Germany, Austria.

TestDaF Examination is the International German Language Exam, which is designed by the European Union’s Language Framework and its Certificate is valid for Life. TestDaF Exam can be written worldwide.

Duration: 10 months                 Proficiency level: C 2

DSH Examination

Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang

A language proficiency Test,  written only in Germany for the entry at the German University, to study in the instructions of German language in any sphere of Education.

Duration:10 months        Proficiency level: C1

Telc Examination

Telc Stands for The European Language Certificates. Telc Tests your General German Language Competence at an Advanced Level. Eg. C1 Level.

Telc is required to study in Austria as well as some of the German Universities accept Telc Certificate too.

Duration: 10 months        Proficiency level: C1


These exams are designed for the International Boards like IB Geneva to introduce foreign languages and cultures through Language Studies.

These Exams are also one of the prerequisites to get admission at the Universities of German-speaking countries.

Duration:2 years         Proficiency level: B2.3

Intercultural Training

SALS not only concentrates on TestDAF Training and the Admission Consultancy but rather also gives a lot of emphasis on the cultural sensitization of the clients by conducting high-end workshops.

They enable our clients to understand German culture, its Traditions, Rituals, Customs and Laws.

We have developed 12 modules which will make it easier to immerse yourself with the German Society. It is a Leap Forward to Cultural Integration.

Duration: 3 days 


Professional Migrants and their Spouses, who are living out side Germany, should give this exam. They must first demonstrate the basic proficiency of the German language, to get the residency permit to be issued, which they will need to enter in Germany.

This is also a pathway to Integrations Test.

Kein Deutsch, Kein Deutschland